We set up an in-person meeting to get an idea of what you’d like to create. This is YOUR reel, so we want to make it work for YOU. What type of character would you like to showcase? What sort of roles/scenes inspire you? What genre would you like to try? We want to bring your ideas to life! We’ll go over the type of scene, location possibilities, and a potential shoot date.


Feel free to bring in your own material, or have us write your scene in professional format. We absolutely encourage your collaboration. It is important that you feel confident with your scene and connect with the dialogue. We will have you review what we’ve put together and then decide how to move forward further with logistics.


Once your script is finalized, we begin prep for all that is needed to shoot. This process includes casting if you request a scene partner, a location scout, putting together any props/wardrobe, and a reservation for all necessary equipment. We will then send out all the details in a call sheet/schedule 24 hours before the production date.


Execution of all our planning comes together for production. Crew and talent will arrive at the designated location to rehearse and film the scenes we have prepared.


Once we have wrapped production, we begin editing your scenes together, including a professional sound mix and color correction. This typically takes 12-14 days of turn-around time. After full completion, we will then upload your video for you to download your content.


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